What is the Average Bicycle Accident Settlement in Ohio?

If you or a loved one was the victim of an accident on a bicycle, it is imperative that you contact a personal injury attorney before talking to an insurance company. A common mistake victims make is allowing the insurance companies to dictate the terms of your settlement without professional representation. At GSAS we are dedicated personal injuries lawyers that focus on bicycle accident in Ohio. We can help make sure you take the right steps to following your accident to avoid being taken advantage of by greedy insurance companies.

Ohio bicycle accidents by the numbers

According to the 2018 statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 306,392 people visited the hospital emergency departments due to bicycle injuries in the USA.

This data from CDC also showed that the individuals hospitalized after bike injuries amounted to over $1.6 billion dollars in medical expenses, and over $4.3 billion in lost work, for an overall cost of more than $5.9 billion. Those who were treated and released in emergency departments add another $3.4 billion to the annual cost.

So how high is the average bike accident settlement in Ohio?

The simple answer is that the particulars of each accident determine how high the settlement will be. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the settlement value, and we will explain them later in the post.

Nevertheless, if you ever get involved in a bicycle accident, you should reach out to a reliable bicycle accident lawyer. An Ohio accident lawyer can protect your legal rights and ensure that you are well compensated whenever you or a loved one is involved in a bicycle accident.

When Should I Call a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Ohio?

Being hit while on your bicycle can be a trying experience for obvious reasons like emotional, physical, and in some cases, financial damage. It can be a difficult thing to recover from for victims and their families.

While getting the right medical attention is paramount and the first thing many victims attend to, you may need the assistance of a good bicycle accident lawyer, as well. The right attorney can help you recover due compensation for damages that occurred from to the accident.

Most times, the negligent driver may not be able to bear the cost of damages. Nonetheless, your lawyer will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve from the driver’s insurance company. So, don’t hesitate to contact a bike accident attorney whenever you are involved in a bike accident.

How Does a Bicycle Accident Settlement in Ohio Work?

A bicycle accident settlement is a process of demanding, negotiating, and settling on an agreed upon compensation without going to trial.

In a bicycle accident settlement in Ohio, your attorney must send a demand letter to the defendant’s insurance company.

This demand letter explicitly states: your case (as the plaintiff), why the defendant is liable for the accident, and why the defendant has to pay the amount as stated in the letter.

After such a letter is remitted, your lawyers will likely begin negotiating a settlement with the insurance company. This stage can be cumbersome and lengthy, but you can rest assured that GSAS Law has the experience with these negotiations needed to ensure your settlement amount is fair.

It is your attorney’s job to present evidence that:

  1. The defendant owes you and other road users a duty to drive safely and abide by the traffic laws.
  2. The defendant breached his or her duty of care by failing to drive safely.
  3. The breach of duty led to your bike accident.
  4. That you suffered damages due to the defendant’s negligence.

How much is Bicycle Accident Compensation in Ohio?

As we stated earlier, there’s no average settlement for bike accidents in Ohio. It is dependent on a few factors — one of those factors being the quality of attorney you secure to fight for you and your fair compensation.

However, there are other factors like:

  • Cause of the accident: If the defendant party is totally at fault for the accident, you may be well compensated
  • Severity of the damage: If the bicycle accident leads to severe physical damages such as a fracture, broken spinal cord, or permanent disfigurement, your compensation could be much greater.

It is worth noting that Ohio is a modified comparative fault state. This implies that two parties can be held liable for an accident up to certain degrees.

For this reason, you need to hire a lawyer that understands how the law works and can help you prove a level of liability that ensures you are eligible for compensation, even if that means you are partially at fault for your accident.

The more your lawyer can prove the defendant’s negligence, the higher your chances of getting compensation and the higher the likely compensation.

No matter how distressing your case may be, reach out to personal injury attorneys at GSAS Law and they will fight hard to help you receive your deserved financial compensation. We have got you covered.


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