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Personal Injury Attorneys in Pennsylvania

Accidents can happen at any time, and they may come with long-lasting damages that impact your daily life. Suffering from a personal injury can be challenging. Seeking legal representation can help you recover the compensation you deserve and allow you the means to heal.

Wondering where to begin? The Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers at GSAS Law can help. From motor vehicle accidents to dog bites, Pennsylvania personal injury law claims can be complex. GSAS is knowledgeable about Pennsylvania negligence law. We can help you take the right steps after your accident to ensure no one takes advantage of you.

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The Importance of Working with a Licensed Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer

A licensed personal injury lawyer is essential when navigating Pennsylvania accident law. The complexities of the legal system can feel overwhelming. Especially if you are dealing with physical and emotional trauma from an accident. When you work with a licensed Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer from GSAS Law you have a knowledgeable professional on your side.

Personal Injury Law in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, if you get hurt because someone else did something wrong, the law allows you to seek compensation. This can include if you are bitten by a dog or if you are in a car, pedestrian, or biking accident.

Reach out to us as soon as possible after you have been in an accident so that we can help you navigate Pennsylvania accident law. GSAS attorneys know the Pennsylvania personal injury law process and can support you throughout the legal process.

Pennsylvania Negligence Laws

Pennsylvania laws enforce the rule of modified comparative negligence. Under this rule, the degree of fault assigned to the individuals in an accident determines if they are eligible for damages compensation and the relative amount that can be awarded.  If you were assigned less than 51% fault for an accident, you can seek compensation for damages you incurred.

The settlement you can receive from your claim is dependent on your prescribed percentage of fault. Suppose you are 20% at fault for an accident, and the damages are evaluated to be $100,000. Your settlement will be reduced by your 20% at-fault factor, and you will receive a maximum of $80,000. GSAS's Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer can help you understand how these laws might apply to your case and affect your outcome.

Proving Fault in Pennsylvania

Clearly determining fault is a critical part of any personal injury case. Experienced personal injury attorneys will help you document your case thoroughly to ensure that your assignment of fault is accurate and you are able to obtain a fair settlement.

Even if you have been told you are more than 50% at fault for an accident, it is possible that additional evidence exists that could reduce the percentage of fault initially assigned to you.  To document fault you will need strong evidence to support your case. This can include: witness testimonies, accident reports, and expert opinions. An experienced personal injury attorney like those at GSAS will guide you through this process.

What if You are At Fault?

Even if you have been ticketed, found to be at fault, or had an insurance claim denied, you may have a realistic claim to be compensated.  There are many reasons that an insurance claim could be denied, some of which have nothing to do with fault or the validity of a claim. Sometimes insurance claims are denied due to incomplete documentation or paperwork filed by the accident victim.

A skillful Pennsylvania personal injury attorney like those at GSAS will evaluate all the facts of your case including tickets, police reports, and insurance determinations to advise you about your chance to succeed with a claim or a lawsuit.  They have the experience to interpret the various documents and know what additional research may be needed to bolster a case to get you the compensation you deserve.

Don’t assume that you have no case if you’ve been assigned fault, or been rejected by an insurance company.  Call GSAS to evaluate your case and gain the partner that you need for this important battle.

Compensation and Settlements for Pennsylvania Accident Victims

In Pennsylvania, if you're hurt in an accident, you can pursue compensation for economic and/or non-economic damages. It is the role of an experienced personal injury lawyer to work with insurance companies to agree on a settlement amount that covers all of the damages incurred in an accident.  Personal injury attorneys with good track records like GSAS are skilled negotiators and can often help accident victims avoid the additional stress of a lawsuit and a court process.

Economic Damages

Economic damages have a clear monetary value. For example, they include money you didn't earn because you were unable to work after the accident, medical bills, and money you could have earned in the future if you weren't injured.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are harder to explain because they are harder to measure. They're meant to make up for physical and emotional pain, and ways in which your life has been negatively impacted because of the accident.

Pennsylvania Accident Injury Claims and Lawsuits

Regardless of the severity of your accident, it's important to team up with experienced lawyers, like those at GSAS. Our lawyers are experienced in Pennsylvania injury law, and they'll guide you to get the best outcome.

Dealing with Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania

Being in an accident can be scary and confusing. Insurance companies are experts at negotiating and take advantage of accident victims' state of mind to push for agreements to lower payouts.

Having a lawyer from GSAS on your team is like having a personal guardian. Our lawyers are adept negotiators and have experience dealing with insurance companies in Pennsylvania. We care about what's best for you and want to make sure you get treated fairly and get the settlement you deserve.

Don't let insurance companies take advantage of you. Contact GSAS today to schedule a consultation.  We will fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve.

GSAS lawyers are always prepared to take your claim to court if it is not possible to reach a fair settlement agreement with the insurance company.  Our firm has a record of success in obtaining fair settlements both through negotiation and through the representation of our clients in the courtroom.

Finding the Right Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers

When you're looking for the best Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers, consider their experience and their track record with past clients and cases.

At GSAS, we have a strong history of helping people and serving their best interests after an accident or injury.  We care about our clients and want to help them on their path to recovery.  Our lawyers are well-versed in Pennsylvania injury laws. We will help you with every part of the legal journey and will provide comfort and support throughout the process.

How GSAS Can Help with Your Pennsylvania Personal Injury Case

At GSAS, we know it's tough when you've been injured.  Our skilled lawyers understand how things work in Pennsylvania, and they will help you understand Pennsylvania injury laws.  They'll make sure you're treated fairly and get the right amount of money for your injuries and other damages.


Making a strong case requires gathering important details.  GSAS lawyers will carefully research what happened in your accident. They'll find proof to help your case by:

Checking accident reports: They'll read any papers or notes from the police or others about what happened.

Talking to people who witnessed the accident: They'll ask witnesses to describe what they saw to make your case stronger.

Gathering and recording proof: They'll gather pictures or videos that show what happened.

Asking experts: Sometimes they'll talk to experts who can provide a professional opinion about what happened in the accident.

Remember, it's important to act fast in cases like this. Documentation can be more difficult to collect as time goes by, and witnesses might simply forget what they saw.  Talk to a lawyer as soon as you can after your accident to have your best chance of making a successful claim.

Settlement Negotiations

GSAS lawyers are experienced negotiators and have a track record of obtaining favorable settlements for our clients.

Our personal injury attorneys provide documentation and represent you in discussions with the insurance company in order to agree on a fair amount of compensation.  We work hard to get the compensation you need to fully recover from your accident.  Our goal is to reach a settlement that allows you to move forward after the accident feeling better and not worrying about money.

Filing a Lawsuit

If an agreement is not reached in negotiations, GSAS lawyers are prepared to go to court. We make sure we're ready for court in every case.  This shows insurance companies that we're not intimidated by the prospect of a court case and we’re committed to fighting for our clients.

We'll help you get your case ready for court following the process and rules required in Pennsylvania.  Our lawyers will present the documentation gathered about your accident in the best way to support your claim for fair compensation and will advise you about the process along the way.

At GSAS, we advocate for our clients and make sure they get proper compensation. We'll be with you the whole way, whether we're negotiating or in court.

Why Choose GSAS to Help Navigate Pennsylvania Personal Injury Law

We understand that you have options when considering representation for your Pennsylvania personal injury lawsuit. With GSAS at your side, you can feel confident that we have your best interests at heart. You can expect the following benefits when you hire a GSAS Pennsylvania personal injury attorney:

GSAS is Honest about All Aspects of Your Case

When you pick GSAS to help with your accident case in Pennsylvania, we promise to always be honest and clear. We'll talk openly with you and give you all the information you need to decide what to do.

Our lawyers will tell you what is strong and weak about your case. This way you'll know what the possibilities are.  We'll also keep you updated about how things are going and quickly answer any questions you have.

GSAS Understands That You Want Professional Opinions

When you’re navigating personal injury negotiations, a simple traffic ticket, or a lawsuit, the last thing you want is to speak with uncertain or unqualified individuals. At GSAS, we understand the importance of receiving professional opinions and advice throughout the legal process. That’s why instead of dealing with paralegals or assistants, you’ll have a dedicated lawyer to answer all of your questions and to keep you up to date on the status of your case.

GSAS is Available Day and Night

Accidents don’t just happen between 9-5. That’s why our Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys are available to our clients 24/7. Our commitment to our clients ensures that we're always accessible and ready to provide you with the support and guidance you need.

You Don’t Pay a Dime Unless We Win Your Case

Thinking about hiring a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer might be overwhelming, especially when you consider the money. We have a commitment to our clients: if we don't win your case, you don't have to pay us anything.

We feel that people who are injured shouldn't have to worry about paying lawyers on top of everything else. With our commitment, you can be sure that your lawyer will work hard to help you win. We only get paid if your case is successful which ensures that our interests are in line with yours.

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If you or someone you care about is hurt in an accident, it's important to act fast to make sure you're treated fairly. At GSAS, we offer a free consultation for anyone who might need help with an accident case. During this conversation, one of our lawyers will listen to your story, answer your questions, and tell you what your options are.

We know that every case is different, and we approach each person and situation individually.  Whether you got hurt in a car crash, slipped and fell, or had another accident, we want to ensure that you are treated fairly and get compensation for your losses. Don't wait, contact us today to set up your free consultation. It's the first step to getting your life back on track.