Common Injuries from Bicycle Accidents in Kentucky

If you or a loved one were injured in a bicycle accident, contact an attorney before doing anything else to protect your rights. Bicycle accident injuries can have wide ranging consequences that can greatly affect your health and quality of life. At Spivak & Sakellariou, we are dedicated personal injury attorneys that are experienced in bicycle accident injuries. We can help make sure that you take the correct steps after your bike accident so that you can avoid being taken advantage of. 

How Does a Bicycle Accident Injury Happen? 

While riding a bike can be an enjoyable way to get from place to place it can also be dangerous. In 2020, there were a reported 354 bicycle collision accidents in the state of Kentucky. Of those 354 accidents, 237 resulted in injury and 4 bicyclists were unfortunately killed. Generally, bicycle accident injuries occur as a result of a collision between a bicycle and a motor vehicle. Often, these collisions occur as a result of the negligence of the driver of a motor vehicle and can result in disastrous health consequences for the cyclist. 

What Are Common Accident Injuries?

Bicycles are viewed as vehicles within the state of Kentucky, yet, cyclists do not have the same protective measures that many owners of motor vehicles do. When an accident occurs common bicycle accident injuries can happen, including: 

Abrasions, Bruises, and Cuts: The ABC’s of Injuries 

Skin injuries are common bicycle accident injuries. These injuries usually happen when you are hit with a blunt or sharp object. For example, if you were riding your bike and got hit by a car, you might get a cut or bruise on your leg. If you were riding your bike and fell over yourself, you might have a cut on your arm from hitting the ground.

Broken Bones

Breaks and fractures are common injuries that can occur due to falls from bicycles, motorcycles, scooters and other types of vehicles. In some cases, fractures can be extremely painful when the bone breaks through the skin; in severe cases, you may even need surgery. A Kentucky pedestrian accident lawyer can help you recover lost wages due to your accident allowing you to focus on recovery.

Spinal and Back Injuries 

The spinal cord is responsible for sending signals from your brain to your body. When you suffer a spinal injury, it may cause permanent damage to this system. Resulting in paralysis or loss of function in your limbs. Back injuries can also cause various complications such as urinary tract infections, kidney failure, and other issues related to internal organs that were damaged during an accident involving a bicyclist and motor vehicle.

Traumatic Brain and Head Injuries

Brain trauma is a serious, potentially fatal form of injury, and is all too common in bike accidents. It occurs when the brain suddenly hits the inside of the skull, causing damage to the organ. Individuals who suffer a blow to the head should seek immediate medical treatment, even if they believe they are fine.

What Should You Do If Your Bicycle Safety is Compromised? 

If you are riding your bike and find that you are put in an unfortunate position where your bicycle safety is compromised, it’s important to remain calm and think through the situation. Here are some tips on what to do when this happens:

  1. If you are able to, try to get off of the road. If not, then ride as far away from traffic as possible until you can safely pull over.
  2. Stop and assess your injuries. If necessary, call 9-1-1 for help if you are hurt and need medical attention.
  3. If there has been an accident, exchange information with the other party involved and take photos of the scene, if possible, to document any damage done or injuries sustained by either party involved in the accident.

How a Kentucky Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help You

As a victim of a Kentucky bicycle accident, you are entitled to financial compensation. Insurance companies and adjusters are masters at negotiation. It pays for them to pay out as little as possible and they spend a lot of time and money ensuring that they are positioned to do just that.

That’s where a Pedestrian Accident Attorney from Spivak & Sakellariou comes in. We have your best interests at heart and are focused on getting you the results you rightly deserve. We’ve negotiated hundreds of settlements for our clients and have a proven track record of results and satisfied clients.

Don’t wait, contact us today.

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