Bus Accidents

Cincinnati Bus Accident Lawyers

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Ohio sees thousands of bus crashes every year. School buses and municipal
vehicles are responsible for causing serious injury and fatalities. Bus
drivers should be thoroughly trained on how to operate their vehicle and
should never become distracted while delivering their passengers. If you
were hurt in a bus collision caused by a negligent driver, speak with
a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer at Spivak & Sakellariou about
seeking compensation.

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School Bus Accidents

If your child was involved in a bus accident, take action against negligent
drivers, school districts, or other liable parties. Careless bus drivers
are unacceptable, especially when it comes to the healthy and safety of
children. Any person who is tasked with the lives of children on a regular
basis should take his or her job very seriously.

Buses are large and heavy, which means that they can easily cause severe
damage to other vehicles. They also make wide turns, which can lead to
collisions. Bus drivers should have mirrors in place to lessen the amount
of blind spots, but they still have several areas where they may not be
able to see cars and motorcycles driving in the lanes beside them. They
must use their turn signals regularly and maneuver with great care.

City Bus Accidents

If you were harmed while on a public transport bus, you may be able to
seek compensation from the city of Cincinnati. We are not afraid to litigate
or negotiate with the city on your behalf. We believe that our local government
should be held to a high standard of safety and if a bus driver ignored
his or her responsibilities and caused a collision, that person should
be held accountable. We are also willing to pursue the bus manufacturer
if your bus accident was due to a vehicle defect.

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